Cong Town, South Andros


Air Flight Charters offers daily non-stop flights to Congo Town, South Andros Island, in The Bahamas.

Our Charter Flights from Florida to Congo Town are:

1 hour and 10 minutes and depart on your schedule!

About Congo Town, South Andros:

The Congo Town airport is the entry point into South Andros and the lower third portion of the island. Known for it's abundance of fresh conch, land crab, and lobster, the area is also one of the best bone fishing destinations in the world.

Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas, comprised of over 2,300 square miles, yet it is mostly uninhabited and undiscovered. Most of the settlements are located along the east coast shoreline, which also is home to one of the largest coral reefs in the world at over 140 miles. It runs along the Tongue of the Ocean, a 6000 feet deep abyss. The island also contains most of the Bahamas' mysterious "Blue Holes", the entrances to an elaborate underwater cave system. They help supply New Providence with it's fresh water that is shipped daily.

Visitors to Congo Town will find world class Bone fishing at Bair's Lodge, Mars Bay, and Andros South, and elegant romance and adventure at Emerald Palms.

Our flights to South Andros arrive at the Congo Town airport where taxis are waiting to take you and your party to your destination, a few minutes away.


Congo Town's Best Accommodations:
Congo Town's Best Hotels and Resorts:
• Andros South  
• Bair's Lodge 
• Kemp's Bay Club
• Emerald Palms
• Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge
Congo Town's Best Houses For Rent
• Andros Beach Club
• Jeff's Beach House

Congo Town's Best Restaurants:
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